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Family & Pediatric Dental Care Provided at Aspire Family Dentistry:

Here at Aspire Family Dentistry, we provide high-quality pediatric dentistry for the young ones in your life. We also do our best to make children feel safe and comfortable. The ultimate plan: a healthy mouth and smile for your kids.

We cover all the bases when it comes to therapeutic and preventative dental health for all ages: children, adolescents, and even infants. Everything we do is geared toward providing the best dental care for your family.

As children lose their juvenile “baby” teeth, and then adult teeth begin to replace them, they need attentive and serious care and observation over the years. We keep an eye on their overall oral health through dental health checkups, making sure to diagnose and treat minor issues so they don’t become big ones.

When Is My Child Old Enough To See The Dentist?

The American Dental Association, and other dental institutions throughout the country recommend that infants see a dentist when they either reach six months of age, or have their first tooth erupt through the gum line (whichever happens first). The first treatment a child will have is an infant oral exam. Not all dentists provide infant oral exams, as some dentists only work with adults, teens, and young children. Years ago, most children didn’t have their first dental exam until they were around three years of age unless there was a specific concern. However, many children who had their first dental visit at three already had signs of oral decay in their primary teeth. At an infant oral exam, a dentist can ensure that teeth are erupting healthily, and provide parents with important knowledge regarding teething and cleaning their child’s teeth at home. Dentists can answer questions about fluoride, injury prevention, diet, and demonstrate proper infant oral care techniques. If you need to make an appointment for your child give us a call. 

Make A Family Dental Appointment For Your Child

Our dental office in Lewiston works with patients of all ages. We can help with infant oral exams, as well as routine preventative care for your child. We understand that different children have different reactions when going to the dentist. That is why our entire team works hard to make sure your child has a positive dental visit. Give us a call or click below to schedule an appointment with our office. 

Kid-Friendly Family Dentist in Lewiston

Have a child that is afraid of the dentist? Or a child who has had a bad experience in the past? We can help. We work hard to make sure all of our patients, regardless of age, have a judgement-free, comfortable, and fun dental experience. We understand that children, teens, and even adults sometimes bring some bagged into seeing the dentist. Feelings of shame/guilt regarding oral health, anxiety regarding certain procedures, or bad experiences they had when they were younger can all become obstacles for patients. We want to eliminate every obstacle between our patients and oral health! We believe the key to oral health is providing both great dental services and a great experience. If you have a child that isn’t keen on seeing a dentist, give us a call and we will help them feel more comfortable and confident about oral care! 

How Can I Help My Child Who Is Afraid Of The Dentist?

There are a few ways to help a child who is uncomfortable with going to the dentist. Here are some quick tips. 

  1. Find the right dentist. First and foremost, you need to find a dentist that is right for your children. Not every dentist specializes in working with kids. And not every dentist is going to help your kids feel comfortable during their appointment. Check ahead with a new dental office. Learn about how they help anxious patients. Do they allow parents to stay with their kids? Do they have play areas? How do people talk about them online? Do they have reviews where parents are specifically mentioning how the dentist worked with their kids? 
  2. Identify The Fear. The reason behind dental fears is important when trying to solve them. For example, if your child had a bad experience at a dentist, sometimes the best solution is to find a new dentist. Some kids are afraid of the dentist because they feel a loss of control when in the dentist’s chair. Having a stranger poking around in your mouth can be inherently discomforting. Some things that help are teaching kids to give thumbs up or thumbs down so they don’t feel a loss of communication. A dentist can ask them to tap the dentist’s arm if they need a break. That sense of control over what the dentist is doing can go a long way. Some kids are simply afraid of the unknown. Having their parents with them or speaking with the dentist about what they are doing can help them feel more aware of what is going on. 
  3. Lead By Example: One of the main reasons young children are afraid of the dentist is because they can tell if other people are. Younger siblings will pick up on fears if their older siblings hate going to the dentist. If parents aren’t going to the dentist, that speaks volumes to a child. It is important to demonstrate to your kids the importance of oral health and give the the tools to be confident during their appointment. 

What Should I Do If My Child Isn't On My Dental Insurance?

If you got your insurance via work or simply bought your own dental insurance you children might not be on the plan. One option of course is to discuss with your insurance provider. Many insurance providers have family plan options where a child can easily be added to the plan after they are born. It is recommended that children see the dentist when either their first tooth erupts or after 6 months. As soon as teeth start to appear issues like decay can also arise. Plus, first-time parents can learn a lot about oral care for kids from a family dentist. Odds are you have never had to brush an infant’s teeth before, so you might have some questions. 

If you don’t have insurance for yourself or you don’t have insurance for your family, there are still options. We provide payment options in the form of dental financing. If you have any questions about dental financing please let us know. 

Family Dentists in Lewiston Maine

As a practice that works with patients of all ages, we highly encourage having everyone in a family go to the dentist together. This can really help with scheduling appointments and also with familiarity for your kids. Knowing that their parents see the same dentist and have their own appointments can help add a level of familiarity to the dentist for your kids. 

What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experience.

With Over 300 5 Star Ratings On Google, We are Lewiston's Top Rated Dentist

I had an unfortunate event (broken tooth) and a co-worker recommended Aspire. I couldn't be happier with the experience I have had - from the wonderful receptionist, amazing hygienist and ultimately Dr. Lee's mannerisms!! Everyone was so helpful, pleasant and understanding. They were able to get me right in and fix my tooth the same day!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a comforting staff that makes you feel safe in these crazy times!
April W.
"I was seen promptly and quickly put at ease with the Dr's kind gentle manner. Let's face it.....no one likes having to go to the dentist right? It was a great experience, no pressure and I was given "options" which really made me feel in control......I really appreciated that. With state of the art equipment, a clean professional office and excellent staff (thanks Linda!") I would HIGHLY recommend this office."
Lisa Y.
I always have the best experience at Aspire Family Dentistry, they all truly care for their patients at the highest level. All of the hygienists are super friendly, and very good at what they do. Dr. Lee always lightens the mood with chit chat and jokes - not to mention he is the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of being a customer of. Also, I think the addition of the Television and the screen that shows the x-rays of your teeth is awesome! 10/10. Would recommend to everyone!
Tucker B.

How To Find The Right Dentist For Your Child:

Finding the right dentist as an adult can be challenging, you of course want to find one that takes your insurance, is near to where you live, and is highly recommended. Finding the right dentist for your whole family can feel impossible. Not only do you have to balance different people’s needs, but children can have a difficult time at the dentist. It is important to find a team that is kind and caring and not only provides great oral care, but also helps teach your children how to care after their own teeth. At Aspire Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on judgement-free spaces where kids and adults can comfortably get dental work done. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Children's Dentistry

As parents you are likely to have many questions regarding your child’s health. We hope to answer a few of the key ones below, but if you have other questions, please feel free to give us a call and make an appointment with our family dental office in Lewiston.

The American Dental Association recommends that children go to the dentist as soon as their first teeth begin to break through their gums or at 6 months old, depending on which happens first. At your child’s first dental appointment, a dentist can answer important questions, make sure your child’s teeth are coming in on schedule & are healthy, and provide additional information on oral care for infants. 

You may have heard that dental x-rays use radiation, and the lead lined bib may make you a little worried about your child’s safety. However, it is important for parents to understand that the radiation used in dental x-rays is significantly less than medical x-rays used to look for broken bones. X-rays have been proven to be safe and effective ways for doctors and dentists to see what they can’t see normally. X-rays can help dentists make sure your child’s teeth are coming in healthy and help find early signs of tooth decay before they spread. 

Just like with adults, children should see the dentist at least two times every year for check-ups. Gum disease and tooth decay are some of the most common health issues that children face. In fact, children are much more likely to develop cavities compared to their parents. Routine visits can catch dental problems quickly before they spread and cause significant damage. Plus, seeing a dentist can help your kids improve their oral care techniques. 

Unfortunately, our teeth are not great at telling us when there is an issue. The surface of our teeth do not have nerves so it is common to not notice signs of a cavity until it has developed for a while. That being said, if your child has a tooth ache, notices sensitivity to cold/hot food, or complains about pain when eating, these could be signs of a dental issue. You should make a dental appointment as soon as possible.

A mouth guard can protect your son or daughter if they play any sports that risk dental injury. If your child plays lacrosse, football, soccer, or another aggressive sport they should consider using a mouth guard to protect their teeth. 

Grinding your teeth or Bruxism can be caused by a variety of factors. Some people grind their teeth when angry or stressed. However, among children, teeth grinding is fairly common, and many kids grow out of it as they age. If you are worried about your child grinding their teeth, consider talking to your dentist about grind guards. 

When and if your child gets braces could depend on a lot of factors. For some children, braces are necessary to fix severe alignment issues. For other kids they might not need braces other than for cosmetic solutions like closing a tooth gap. If your child has crooked or crowded teeth you should talk to your dentist for more information about 

While children are expected to lose their baby teeth, knocking out a tooth may require a trip to the dentist. If your child experiences a dental emergency including chipped, broken, or knocked out teeth you should call an emergency dentist in your area and get them an appointment.  

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