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How Does Dental Financing Work?

How Do I Pay For Dental Procedures If I Don't Have Insurance

In the past we have covered what to do if you do not have dental insurance, or your dental insurance doesn’t provide the coverage you need for a specific procedure. In fact, millions of Americans do not have dental insurance, or their insurance does not cover the procedure they want/need. For example, while some insurances provide coverage for preventative care like a dental exam or x-rays, there might not be full coverage for restorative care like fillings, root canals, or dental bridges/implants. Another common issue with dental insurances is that they often provide coverage for one dental solution but not another.  If paying out of pocket is not possible or ideal, you should consider applying for dental financing. You should never avoid getting a dental procedure that you need. An untreated cavity will continue to spread and eventually destroy that tooth and the surrounding teeth. If you live in Southern Maine and need dental services, give us a call. We will help identify the payment plan that works best for you. 

What Do I Do If My Dental Insurance Doesn't Cover Implants?

One reason to consider financing is when your insurance only covers one dental solution but not another. Take tooth loss. As an adult if you lose a tooth due to decay or injury, you have a few options for replacing that tooth. Two of the most common procedures are dental implants and dental bridges. A bridge places a false tooth or teeth between two of your real teeth. Those adjacent teeth act as anchors for the bridge. A dental implant replaces the tooth by placing the false tooth on top of an implant that is surgically implanted into your mouth. Implants have many advantages over bridges. They last longer and they do less damage to your surrounding teeth. Bridges require adjacent teeth to be given dental crowns which can increase the risk of decay. 

But, even though implants have advantages over bridges, many insurance plans only cover bridges because they are less expensive to cover. Additionally, many insurance plans only partially cover the bridge, so either way you will have to pay for the procedure. You should consider talking with your dentist about payment plans and options. If you lose a tooth at a younger age, an implant is going to provide you with more years of use compared to a dental bridge that might need to be replaced. Plus that implant isn’t going to put your other teeth at increased risk of decay. 

How Does CareCredit Financing Work?

Here at Aspire Family Dentistry we provide CareCredit Financing services for our patients. CareCredit allows patients to get financing for a variety of medical treatments and procedures including dental services. To get financing, you simply apply for it through CareCredit, and you can use your financing for any approved procedures available from thousands of partnering medical professionals, including the team here at Aspire Family Dental. 

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