Can I Go To The Dentist Without Insurance?

What To Do If You Don't Have Dental Insurance

Not having dental insurance should not stop you from seeing a dentist. It is estimated that millions of Americans do not have dental insurance. Because of this many dentists have created flexible payment options and plans that can help patients more easily afford treatment.

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Why You Should Never Skip The Dentist

One thing that many individuals do not consider is the long-term effect of skipping the dentist. In comparison, regular dental checkups are much more affordable than restorative dental services. A regular checkup can prevent the formation of cavities and help decrease risks to your oral health. Unfortunately, many adults don’t go to the dentist until they notice a problem like a toothache. The issue with this is that by the time you experience a tooth ache or other symptoms of dental issues, the dental decay or gum disease is probably more severe than you might think. Because the outer layers of our teeth do not have sensitive nerves, it takes a lot of damage for us to notice something is wrong. 

How Much Does It Cost To Go To The Dentist Without Insurance?

Prices for dental procedures differ depending on the type of procedure and where you live. A standard dental cleaning can cost anywhere from $100-$300 depending on what work you have done. X-rays and other dental procedures can increase the price of a standard dental visit. Restorative and cosmetic dental services vary in price based on the materials being used and other individual factors for the procedure. If you have dental insurance; one common issue is that your insurance won’t cover certain procedures, or only offers partial coverage. However, if you don’t have insurance, your local dentist doesn’t take your insurance, or you insurance isn’t going to cover a procedure; you may still have other payment options. 

Payment Plans & Financing For Dental Visits in Maine

At Aspire Family Dentistry in Lewiston Maine, we provide a variety of flexible ways for you to pay for various dental procedures. We never want cost to be the barrier between our patients and their dental health. We have financing options through CareCredit which can help break larger dental costs into easier to pay chunks. For more information please contact our team.