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Gaps in Teeth

Some are all good with their diastema (gap between two teeth), and that’s awesome. Others would like to change it up, and that’s good, too. Gaps in teeth can result in self-image issues that cause social anxiety. We understand and are happy to help if such is the case.

Missing Teeth

Injury, gum disease, tooth decay, and other causes of missing teeth take a toll on our smiles throughout life, but we’re here to manage your smile toward dental and mental health. We replace missing teeth with dental bridges, implants, and partial/complete dentures.

Crooked, Uneven or Misaligned Teeth

Dealing with uneven, crooked and/or misaligned teeth? Left untreated, these conditions can lead to mouth pain over time. We do whatever’s needed to make sure your overall bite is comfortable and effective.

Tooth Decay

Tooth enamel eroded away by plaque and attendant bacteria leaves a tooth defenseless and begins a process that leads toward cavities. Cavities are issues for adults and kids, but regular dental health checkups can prevent ongoing tooth decay.


Different foods affect your teeth in different ways. Nutritional choices high with high acid levels can be especially tough on our teeth. Teeth don’t grow back, so it’s important to take care of yours right now and going forward to prevent tooth loss.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can be a serious oral health issue that should be detected early through regular dental health checkups. It may affect periodontal structures and the gums, including bleeding gums.

Dry Mouth

Saliva is an important agent when it comes to digesting food and is critical to your mouth’s bacterial balance. Known as xerostomia, dry mouth can result from several causes: disease, no preventative care, nerve damage, and medication side effects.

Tooth Infection

Called into play when there’s an infection in a tooth, the root canal is sometimes feared, though it may be the best and/or last line of defense to save a tooth. Our Lewiston dentists are highly skilled in this procedure.

Bad Breath - Halitosis Treatment

Not just an opportunistic bout of bad breath, halitosis sticks around and may be a sign of more serious dental health issues. It can be caused by dental issues like cavities, gum disease, or even bacteria produced during a sinus infection.

Dental Implant Failures

Halitosis doesn’t happen because you forget to brush your teeth one morning. It’s a serious oral health condition that can be caused by issues like cavities, gum disease, or even a sinus infection.

Tooth & Jaw Pain

Much of the pain associated with teeth, the jaw and the mouth are caused by nerve irritation stemming from tooth decay, sudden injury, or long-term infection, even losing a tooth. The cause of the pain may be obvious, or need a more investigative diagnosis.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition that affects nearly 54-million people in the United States alone, usually diagnosed due to long and paused breaths while sleeping. These occur when the body’s oxygen levels decrease. There are multiple ways to treat this, from machines to mouthguards.

We care about your dental and mental health!

We care about your oral health before you do sometimes because we want to get ahead of problems and make mouth pain something you don’t have to worry about. We deal with all dental issues that cause pain for the folks here in Lewiston, Maine. 

Your dental health shouldn’t be a recurring cause of anxiety in your life. Let us gingerly shepherd you to full oral health and all the positive ramifications on your life that come with it. Here’s a look at some of the dental problems and issues we can take care of, and we’ll make you our first priority beginning to end.

What Our Patients Are Saying About Their Experience.

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I had an unfortunate event (broken tooth) and a co-worker recommended Aspire. I couldn't be happier with the experience I have had - from the wonderful receptionist, amazing hygienist and ultimately Dr. Lee's mannerisms!! Everyone was so helpful, pleasant and understanding. They were able to get me right in and fix my tooth the same day!! Would recommend to anyone looking for a comforting staff that makes you feel safe in these crazy times!
April W.
"I was seen promptly and quickly put at ease with the Dr's kind gentle manner. Let's face it.....no one likes having to go to the dentist right? It was a great experience, no pressure and I was given "options" which really made me feel in control......I really appreciated that. With state of the art equipment, a clean professional office and excellent staff (thanks Linda!") I would HIGHLY recommend this office."
Lisa Y.
I always have the best experience at Aspire Family Dentistry, they all truly care for their patients at the highest level. All of the hygienists are super friendly, and very good at what they do. Dr. Lee always lightens the mood with chit chat and jokes - not to mention he is the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of being a customer of. Also, I think the addition of the Television and the screen that shows the x-rays of your teeth is awesome! 10/10. Would recommend to everyone!
Tucker B.

Have A Tooth That’s Been Cracked, Chipped or Broken?
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FYI, tooth enamel is one of the strongest things produced by your body. Sugar and a lack of dental hygiene can put a dent on it, though, as can physical damage taken during a fall, or collision. It could also happen just from accidentally biting down on something hard when not expecting to do so.

Both healthy and compromised teeth with some amount of decay can take a hit at random moments during life. We’ll be here to get your teeth back in order, literally. No one wants a tooth to get cracked, chipped, or broken, but when it happens know that we can set things right. 

When it comes to that, there are multiple options to help with pain, restore oral health, and revive that nice smile friends and family love.

Broken Tooth

When a tooth is fractured and loses a section or a chip, a possible solution is a customized dental crown fitted and cemented on the top of the tooth--a long-lasting solution

Chipped Tooth

Cosmetic bonding is a very effective process for dealing with minor chipped teeth, while dental crowns may be necessary when a larger chip is involved. Composite resins leave the tooth with a natural appearance.

Cracked Tooth

For small cracks in a tooth, we often utilize dental veneers, which are then filled and sealed with a specially formulated composite resin. Larger cracks might necessitate a root canal or dental implants.​

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