Does Going To The Dentist Fix Bad Breath?

Bad breath is a common concern for many people. It can be off putting to coworkers, friends, and other people in the vicinity if you have consistently bad breath. While it is normal for breath to temporarily smell different (potentially due to something you recently ate that is aromatic or due to not brushing your teeth for an extended time), it can be troublesome to have consistently bad breath. Halitosis is a term to describe the concept of consistently bad smelling breath. In this article we will discuss how dentists can diagnose and treat halitosis. If you have concerns about your oral health, consider contact our dental office in Lewiston Maine for an appointment. 

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What Causes Bad Breath (Halitosis)?

Again, temporary changes in your breath have many different causes from what you eat to classic morning breath. Halitosis on the other hand is diagnosed based on recurring bad breath. During a dental visit your dentist will provide an exam and if you are concerned about the smell of your breath, they can look for the root cause. The cause of the bad breath will usually impact what treatment or treatment plan will be recommended. Here are four common causes of consistent bad breath: 

  • Gum Disease: One of the most common reasons is an infection of the gums. Becterial infections and gum disease can produce odors. Beyond that they put your teeth and gums at risk of damage caused by the infection.
  • Poor Oral Care: Forgetting to floss or brush can lead to bacterial growth throughout the mouth. That bacteria is linked to both bad breath as well as damage to your teeth and gums. For example and abscessed tooth is an infection that can cause a significant odor. 
  • Health Conditions: There are a variety of health conditions that can impact how your breath smells including issues with chronic dry mouth. In fact some medications also cause dry mouth leading to bad breath. 
  • Plaque: Plaque can buildup around your teeth and be impossible to remove without the help of a dentist. 

Are There Dental Treatments for Halitosis?

If bad breath is caused by gum disease, the best option for your health is gum disease treatments like periodontal cleaning. This will not only address your breath but also other health risks linked to gum disease. Similarly, if bad breath is caused by bacteria, plaque, or other infections, a thorough cleaning can help address the problem. However, if bad breath is linked to a underlying health issue or aside effect of a medication, your dentist might recommend an on-going medical solution to help prevent bad breath. 

What Can I Do At Home To Prevent Bad Breath?

Take care of your teeth and gums. Avoid tobacco products as they can cause bad breath as well as put yourself at risk for oral cancer. Brushing and flossing on a regular basis can help prevent infection, plaque buildup, and gum disease. Not only will this make your breath smell better but it will also help you keep your teeth intact. 

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