How To Help Your Kids Build Healthy Dental Habits

Building healthy dental habits is extremely important at any age. While there is definitely an age where your child’s dental health is fully your responsibility, the transition to taking care of their own teeth can be a tricky one. We have a few pieces of advice on how to inspire your kids to brush and floss regularly. And if you are in the Lewiston Maine area and need to make a kid’s dental appointment give us a call for more information! 

When Should My Kids Brush/Floss Their Own Teeth

Shifting from brushing and flossing your children’s teeth to letting your kids do it themselves can be a tricky time. The three most important things to consider is your child’s dexterity, personal responsibility, and understanding of the importance of brushing and flossing. If your child isn’t ready to brush and floss effectively, or they are going to struggle with staying on top of the habit, or they don’t fully understand why it is important, you should consider ways to help them get there. There are dental toys kids can use to practice the motions of brushing and flossing, and at first you should always monitor how they brush and floss for a few months. 

Tips On How To Help My Kids Brush/Floss Regularly

Different children respond to different dental care tips and tricks. Plus some tricks work better at different ages. For young kids, one of the most effective strategies is a journal or calendar they can check-off or decorate with stickers every day. It is a great visual way to see how well they are doing and many kids are excited to work on them. You don’t even need to provide a reward for consecutive days or filled out calendars, many kids genuinely enjoy filling them out just for the fun of building their own calendar. 

Another tip is to set up daily routines as a family. If everyone handles brushing and flossing together, that is a great way to improve your oral health. Some families even listen to music as it can encourage you to brush longer. Obviously, as kids grow up into teens they are more likely to want to handle their morning routines alone, but some children really enjoy brushing their teeth together as part of their morning. 

Keep Your Kids On Track During The Summer

One of the main difficulties for kids is when their routine is interrupted. The key to any healthy habit is consistency. It can be really easy to build and maintain good habits during the school year. The morning routine Monday-Friday stays more or less the same each day. Plus, homework, dinner, and bedtime routines can also cement in routine schedules after school. But during summer break it can be easy to break good habits. A lack of morning routine and bedtimes can make things difficult for kids. Moreover vacations, camping, and trips to friends houses can also disrupt the habit. Make sure your kids are have travel toothpaste and toothbrushes an that they are encouraged to stay on top of their oral care.

Family Dental Services in Lewiston Maine

One of the best ways to build oral habits is to go to the dentist at least twice a year. Seeing the dentist is the greatest way to have oral habits demonstrated and encouraged by a professional while also getting important preventative care. If you live in the Lewiston Maine, and need to make a dental visit for anyone in your family, please give us a call to set up an appointment. 

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