Is It Normal To Feel Pain After A Dental Filling?

What Happens During A Tooth Filling

A dental filling is a common restorative dental procedure used to handle a cavity. A cavity forms when bacteria in our mouth leads to decay that erodes our teeth. Cavities can form on the top of our teeth, between our teeth, or even under our gums. Left unchecked for years a cavity can cause the loss of your tooth or teeth. During a dental filling, your dentist will numb your mouth and then drill into the tooth to remove the decayed section. Once the decayed section is removed the tooth is filled with a material that is then bonded to the tooth. During the procedure, you may feel little to nothing other than some pressure because of the numbing effect of the local anesthetic. During the hours after your procedure you may feel some pain or discomfort.

Is Pain After A Dental Filling Normal?

Some pain after a dental filling is normal. You may feel something or nothing after your dental filling. Whether or not you need to go back to the dentist can be determined by how intense the pain is, how long the pain lasts, and any other factors. First and foremost, it is common to feel some pain at the injection sites of the novocaine after it wears off. This pain will usually wane and go away over a few hours to a day after the procedure. If the pain continues, is severe, or you feel other symptoms you should consider calling an emergency dentist near you. 

Should I See An Emergency Dentist If I Am Feeling Pain After A Dental Filling?

Pain Severity

The first thing to consider is how much pain you are feeling. If the pain is manageable, consider using an over the counter pain medication and make sure to observe your pain over time.

Pain Duration

If pain is present for a few hours and goes away, there is probably nothing to worry about. But if pain lasts for days or weeks, consider calling your dentist for some advice.

Other Symptoms

If you notice other symptoms after getting a filling like a gap in your teeth, or your biting alignment feels wrong, you might want to call your dentist to set up an appointment.

What To Do About Pain After A Filling

Directly after getting your teeth filled you may feel some pain. You can always use over the counter pain medications to help mitigate the pain as well. A cold compress can also help especially when you hold it against your cheeks where the injection sites were. You will also want to avoid cold or hot foods if those are causing any sensitivity. 

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