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At What Age Should Children Go To The Dentist?

Many parents do not bring their children in for their first dental visit until they are two years or older. However, most dentists recommend seeing kids at a much earlier age. Many parents assume they should wait until their child has more teeth before they bring their child to the dentist. However, dentists actually recommend that you bring your child in for their first appointment as soon as the first tooth erupts. 

The Importance Of Oral health For Babies

Many kids and parents treat primary (baby) teeth as expendable. Because the teeth are destined to be lost and replaced by adult teeth later in life, there sometimes isn’t a perceived urgency to bring children to the dentist when they just have a few baby teeth. In fact, baby teeth have many important roles in your child’s development. Obviously, teeth are necessary for children to chew food and develop a nutritious diet. But they also help save space for permanent teeth as well as play a key role in the development of speech. Ensuring that your child’s teeth are coming in at the right time and are healthy and aligned properly can have a large impact on the future of their dental health. 

What Happens At Your Child's First Dental Appointment

At your child’s first dental visit your pediatric dentist will check your child’s first teeth. They can help demonstrate helpful ways to help brush their baby teeth as well as answer questions that many parents have about oral health. Most importantly your pediatric dentist will make sure your baby’s teeth are coming in correctly and on schedule. Your dentist is also a great resource for any questions you might have. If you are worried about teething, thumb-sucking, or another dental concern, your dentist would be happy to provide information for you. Plus, early dental visits can help your child get used to the dental office and prevent fears or anxiety that many older kids have when they go to the dentist for the first time. 

Schedule An Infant Dental Appointment in Maine

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