a tooth knocked out

What To Do If A Tooth Is Knocked Out?

One of the most common dental issues people deal with is losing an adult tooth due to injury or a sports accident. This is a quick guide on what steps to take if you have your tooth knocked out or if your child loses an adult tooth. The important thing is to act quickly. A knocked out tooth can be re-implanted by a dentist if the proper steps are followed. 

Make an Emergency Dental Appointment

The first thing you should do after losing a tooth is to call an emergency dentist in your area. They can give you advice on what to do as well as make an appointment so that you or your family member can get the dental procedure that’s needed. Not all dentists perform emergency dental services, so it is important to find one in the area that does. You will want to be at a dental office within 30 minutes of losing the tooth if you want the tooth re-implanted. 

How To Save A Knocked Out Tooth

To save a knocked out tooth you should locate it and pick it up by the crown. Avoid touching the root of the tooth (the section of the tooth that would be located under the gums). You should always pick teeth up by the crown or the chewing surface.

If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with water (do not use soap or any cleaning solutions).

If possible you will want to reposition the tooth into the socket. Gently push the tooth into the socket using your fingers. Hold the tooth in place by gently biting down or with your fingers.

Your tooth must stay moist either by staying in your mouth. Even if you cannot get the tooth to go back into the socket you can keep it in your mouth against your cheek or keep it in milk. Do not keep the tooth in tap water as tooth roots should not be exposed to tap water for extended periods of time.

What Happens If A Dentist Can’t Replace The Tooth?

If your dentist cannot replace the tooth they may suggest a variety of restorative dental procedures. Dental veneers, dental implants, and dental bridges are all options with different pros and cons for replacing a lost adult tooth. Learn more about these procedures by visiting our pages on restorative dental treatments. For more information and to schedule an appointment with a dentist, please contact our office in Lewiston, Maine by calling us or using our new patient contact form.